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Equipment Vibration Analysis in
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At Lindsay Engineering, we are committed to lowering production costs and risk for our clients. Vibration analysis hardware is available through us and compatible with data collectors and online monitoring systems. When used accordingly, vibration analysis lets users determine the condition of their equipment and avoid failures. We are more than happy to advise you on the best ways to install this hardware so that you can be most efficient on the job.

Why Vibration Analysis in Los Angeles is Necessary

Unexpected downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour. When you rely on equipment to get the job done, you must anticipate some of the things that can go wrong. Otherwise, unplanned breakdowns can leave you with lost productivity and ROI. With vibration analysis, you have a good idea of how your equipment is performing and whether it needs attention - before a breakdown.

Vibration analysis allows you to interpret the vibration signature of rotating equipment. You can learn to recognize when problems are arising, such as misalignment, a defective bearing or loose parts. Not only can you evaluate when an issue is taking place, but also tell the difference between one problem and another. This way, you can administer the proper solution and save time and repair costs.

What Data Can be Collected from Vibration Hardware?

Because of all the automated features of today’s vibration hardware, collecting data is made simpler. Knowing what data to collect is the challenge. First and most important is gathering comprehensive data, which is essentially a full-spectrum vibration signature in three axes - horizontal, vertical and axial - on the equipment and both ends of the motor.

Here are some of the issues you can determine from conducting a vibration analysis:

  • Rotor imbalance

  • Bent shaft

  • Bad coupling

  • Defective rotor bars

  • Oversized bearing housing

  • Electrical problems

  • Loose base bolts

  • Structural looseness

  • Unbalanced rotating elements

Training and Installation Help from Lindsay Engineering

When looking at vibration analysis hardware, you’ll find that much of the equipment has automated features and capabilities. This makes the job a lot easier. However, you must still have a basic understanding of vibration analysis if you want to use the tools most effectively. This knowledge and background will lead to a reduced number of emergencies, increased productivity and ROI and happier bosses.

When you choose Lindsay Engineering for your vibration testing equipment, our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with tips for installing the equipment, as well as any training that is needed to optimize its use. Only the highest quality products are sold by us, as we want our clients to have the most dependable, reliable equipment on the market.

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