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Vibration analysis has become one of the most effective technologies for diagnosing machine faults and predicting machine failure. Do you know the health of your critical machines? It is up to an experienced analyst to differentiate each line or point on a waveform or FFT spectrum to determine if they are related to faults that potentially could occur within a machine. It is that knowledge and experience that enables our trained and certified analysts to determine the condition of your equipment. We offer this technology now in two states, California, and Idaho. We have a new office in Boise.


Our technicians will work with you to determine the criticality of your equipment. Often the criticality of your machines is determined by potential production loss or a health risk due to unexpected failure California and Idaho. We will then help with designing an affordable online continuous monitoring system that fits your up-time demands and budget in Idaho and California. Having the added value of a continuous monitoring system helps reduce unexpected failures and ensures that you have continuous peace of mind when it comes to the health of your machines in California and Idaho. We program our continuous monitoring systems to alert on specific faults like bearing damage, lubrication deficiency, unbalance, misalignment and more, so you are not just alerted to an increase in overall vibration but alerted to the specific nature of the fault.


Our certified technicians will build a program based on the criticality of your machines. Routine monitoring is one of the lowest cost forms of condition monitoring to implement and run. Route Based Vibration Monitoring gives you the maximum machinery coverage for your investment. Our time spent at your facility collecting vibration and other data gives you valuable trend data, and a diagnostic report with suggested corrective actions. Your report will be verified and completed by an ISO certified analyst, which ensures the quality of the information you receive about the condition of your machines in California, and now Idaho. We have a new office in Boise.


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Vibration Analysis and Vibration MonitoringVibration Analysis and Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Analysis and Vibration Monitoring

Vibration analysis is a process of looking for anomalies and monitoring change from the established vibration signature of a system. The vibration of any object in motion is characterized by variations of amplitude, intensity, and frequency. These vibration signatures can be correlated to physical phenomena, making it possible to use vibration data to gain insights into the health of equipment in California and Idaho. Vibration analysis can be used to:

  • Find a developing problem that can be repaired to increase machine lifetime
  • Detect and monitor a chronic problem that cannot be repaired and will only get worse
  • Establish acceptance testing criteria to ensure that installation/repairs are properly conducted
  • 24/7 continuous vibration monitoring can be used to predict failures as part of a predictive maintenance program in California and Idaho.
Wilcoxon Sensing TechnologiesWilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Wilcoxon is a leading vibration monitoring solutions manufacturer and supplier to companies and organizations around the world for preventive maintenance and condition monitoring programs. Measure vibration on rotating machines with Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies vibration monitoring products including accelerometers, 4-20mA vibration transmitters, loop powered sensors, vibration sensors, velocity sensors, IP67 and IP68 cable assemblies and connectors, cementing pads and mounting studs, intrinsically-safe sensors and enclosures, handheld vibration meters for route-based data collection, intelligent vibration transmitters, seismic accelerometers, and more for vibration analysis, machine monitoring, predictive maintenance applications and more in California and Boise Idaho.


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