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Trico Lubrication Products

Lindsay Engineering only sells products from top-of-the-line companies. Trico is one of them. Trico products help you manage your facility’s oil protocols. When you work with Lindsay Engineering, you can get your team the necessary training and onsite assessments to keep your business running efficiently 24 hours a day.

Trico is a worldwide leader in predictive lubrication management. The company offers a wide range of solutions that assist with lubrication maintenance procedures, audits of your facility, training for employees and access to the highest quality lubrication management products in the country. We put our trust in their oil analysis and lubrication products because we are confident in their ability to increase efficiency and reduce downtime for our customers.

Why is Oil Analysis Important?

Your machinery is expected to run all day, every day. If something happens and the equipment can no longer run, production comes to a grinding halt. This is why it’s imperative that you don’t just guess on the condition of your machinery but know for certain. With dozens of standardized laboratory tests for industrial lubricants, fuels and coolants, Trico products will help you customize a test suite for preventative maintenance.

An oil analysis helps you understand what’s going on inside your equipment. This way, you can prevent failure and optimize the efficiency of your machinery. Rather than being shut down unexpectedly, Trico’s oil analysis and lubrication products allow you to assess the condition of your equipment. If you find that something is wrong, you can schedule corrective maintenance immediately and only cause minimal disruption to your operations.

Trico Lubrication Products

Below are the types of Trico lubrication products that Lindsay Engineering sells to our customers:

  • Constant level lubrication. Constant level oils are intended to maintain a predetermined oil level in a sump. This is necessary for adequate lubrication. If the oil drops below a certain point, the remaining oil will adjust on its own to keep the proper amount of lubrication inside. This results in lower maintenance costs, fewer repairs and less wear and tear on parts.

  • Grease lubrication. To protect moving parts, grease lubrication is essential. It acts as a contamination barrier for metals as well. Applying grease to moving parts can be done in a few different ways, with the goal of keeping bearings and other parts properly lubricated.

  • Central lubrication. Central lubrication is designed to keep all central parts of machinery properly lubricated. These parts included automatic and continuous pumps, fittings and hoses, positive displacement pumps and more.

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