Lindsay Engineering provides predictive maintenance products from top-of-the-line companies. We only sell products we trust, and we provide you with any necessary training to optimize your use of the products. Browse our product lines below:

With the Wi-care™ series, a critical gap is filled for Condition Monitoring technologies for process industry assets. Developed by field experts in Predictive Maintenance and in operations since 2013, the Wi-care™ product suite is one of the highest performing wireless condition monitoring systems availble on the market.


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Trico provides oil storage and analysis products to help you manage your facility’s oil protocols.

Trico Training

Lindsay Engineering can get your team the training they need with Maintenance Lubrication Technician Training, as well as onsite assessments.

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Trico Filter Cart System

Trico Oil Analysis

Trico Spectrum Oil Containers

Trico Oil Storage Units

Trico Closed System Oilerss

Trico Desiccant Breather Kit

IRISS industrial-grade IR windows facilitate safer, more efficient inspections of energized electrical equipment when compared to traditional crystal windows. IRISS IR window designs feature a durable transparent polymer lens that allows visual, UV, and short/mid/longwave IR spectrum inspections. And is available in custom shapes, sizes, and color to fit the needs of any application.

IRISS Training

Lindsay Engineering offers certified installer training levels 1 and 2 for IRISS products. Learn More Here.

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IRISS Dela T Alert™


Lindsay Engineering is now the California Rep for Uniguard. We can customize these OSHA compliant guards specifically to your equipment. Easy to install and remove. These guards that come with inspection windows, chemical and rust resistant and meet all OSHA requirements.

They are very robust, chemical and rust proof and come with inspection windows for easy inspections of couplings, belts. etc.

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Bently Nevada offers accelerometers and vibration analysis hardware which are compatible with data collectors and online monitoring systems. Our team can also provide all the necessary information to correctly implement this hardware.

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Commtest Ranger

Commtest VB5

Commtest VB7

Commtest VB8

Commtest VB Online

CTC offers the widest variety of accelerometers and vibration analysis hardware products which are compatible with data collectors and online monitoring systems, as well as the tools for installation, in the industry.

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FLIR® E-Series is an advanced thermal imaging camera for efficient troubleshooting, creating detailed reports, and quickly sharing images and findings. FLIR® T-Series cameras help quickly find and report equipment problems by showing the invisible heat caused by electrical resistance and mechanical wear.

FLIR Training

Lindsay Engineering provides Level 1 and Level 2 PC distance learning certification courses for FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras. We also provide level 1 and level 2 onsite classes, which are ideal for group training.

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The Monarch Nova-Strobe LED family of rugged industrial stroboscopes provide an extremely bright, uniform light output for performing stop motion diagnostic inspection.

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Monarch Nova Strobe Pocket

For predictive maintenance, troubleshooting, and quality control, ALL-TEST Pro (instruments, accessories, software, and training) offers advanced, Non-Destructive testing and analysis for early detection of internal winding faults in motor circuits.

All-Test Training

Lindsay Engineering can assess your team’s training needs and arrange for All-Test to come to your site for hands-on training. All-test also offers button-pushing training vis webx, and public training courses.

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All-Test Pro® On-Line II

All-Test Pro® All-Safe Pro

All-Test Pro® Condition Software

The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool System® is the latest innovation in laser belt alignment systems, utilizing GlowLine™ green laser technology. With TruView B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® Systems and Targets, the offset and angularity of the entire sheave face can be easily seen, and precision adjustments made. Only the B.A.T. offers cross-firing XF green laser configuration, enabling users to check the offset, twist and angularity between both sheaves at the same time! The B.A.T. is fast, intuitive, accurate and easy to use!

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