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Lindsay pdm consulting los angeles

Are you ready to learn more about your equipment and how to be most efficient with it? Lindsay Engineering offers predictive maintenance (PdM) consultations for our valued clients.

The purpose of PdM consulting Los Angeles is to predict when equipment failure may occur and how to prevent this failure through regular maintenance. In the end, the hope is that the routine maintenance you provide will ensure the uptime of your equipment and reduce the need for unplanned repairs.

How Do We Predict Equipment Failure?

At Lindsay Engineering, we use a variety of techniques to predict failure. We want our clients to perform the necessary maintenance to guarantee uptime without having them go overboard. We realize that you have a business to run, and we are here to help you, not add to your responsibilities!

We focus on two key details when predicting failure. First is what type of failure is most likely to occur and why. To make these predictions, we must understand the equipment being used, its manufacturer and its operational parts. Other important details include how often the equipment operates and the environment it’s in.

The second part of Los Angeles PdM consulting is getting familiar with the warnings that our clients may see when failure is about to happen. Is there an alert that goes off? Will the equipment begin making odd sounds? Additional techniques we may use include oil analysis, thermal imaging, equipment observation and vibration analysis.

What are the Benefits to PdM Consulting Los Angeles?

The benefit to PdM consulting is that you only need to perform maintenance when it’s required. Essentially, your preventive maintenance strategy is your overall maintenance strategy. This means that the various components of your equipment will be in good working condition at all times. You can also reduce downtime, unnecessary expenses and the need to hire emergency services with PdM.

If you are ready to save money, minimize downtime and increase productivity, set up a PdM consultation with Lindsay Engineering.


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