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Lindsay Laser alignment los angeles

Laser alignment Los Angeles is the most precise way for engineers to ensure positioning and alignment with industrial equipment and plant machinery. At Lindsay Engineering, our Los Angeles laser alignment technology offers the utmost precision and accuracy. Our readings are fast, efficient and precise, resulting in enhanced productivity and uptime for your business. Better yet, it doesn’t matter whether the object being measured has an unusual geometry, size or axis of rotation. We’ll still get it right.

How Laser Alignment Works

Traditionally, engineers may have used straight edges, dial indicators, plumb-lines or a line of sight to verify alignment of two machines or structures. Laser alignment Los Angeles reduces human error and ensures that the alignment is precise each and every time.

Here are some of the things that Lindsay Engineering uses laser alignment for:

  • Machine positioning
  • Rotating shafts
  • Printing presses
  • Drive belts and pulleys
  • Cardan shafts and offset drives
  • Pumps, gearboxes and motors

What is the Purpose of Laser Alignment

The reason for using Los Angeles laser alignment is to ensure that your equipment will work efficiently and not suffer from unnecessary breakdowns. Misalignment is one of the top causes of bearing failure. It can also put excess stress on parts such as couplings, mechanical seals and motors. Even the smallest, most minute misalignments can create this type of stress.

Rather than taking the chance and hoping for the best, get the definite answers you need with Lindsay Engineering. Laser alignment can be utilized in all types of industries, including pharmaceutical, printing and gas and oil. We highly recommend laser alignment Los Angeles as a preventative maintenance service for your plant machinery.


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