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IRISS IR Windows

IRISS IR windows are industrial grade and designed to create safer, more efficient inspections of energized electrical equipment compared to standard crystal windows. IRISS IR windows have a durable, transparent polymer lens that allows for fast, efficient visual, UV and short/mid/long wave IR spectrum inspections. IRISS IR windows are available in custom shapes, sizes and colors to accommodate any application.

If you are interested in having IRISS IR windows installed at your facility, contact Lindsay Engineering. We offer certified installer training levels 1 and 2 for these products.

What are IRISS IR Windows?

IR windows, or infrared windows, are inspection points that allow infrared radiation to transmit to the outside environment. IR windows must meet the requirements for strength and rigidity based on the equipment it is being installed for. Infrared windows must also be compatible with the infrared technology being used.

With so many different types of IR windows, it’s important to understand safety considerations, camera lens compatibility, intended environment and sealing requirements. You must also consider the design, size and material of the IR windows. The most common types of infrared windows include:

  • Viewing panes. These IR windows feature a lens that is secured in the housing. Because the lens creates a seal between the inside and outside environments, the thermographer is not exposed to energized equipment.

  • Inspection grills. Inspection grills are IR windows that contain a grill or mesh material in place of a solid lens. They are generally used in mechanical operations or for instances where operators want to conduct ultrasound inspections from the same point.

  • Inspection ports. Ports are small and may contain specialty lenses or adapters. Thermographers must know when the port is open or closed because it changes the state of the electrical equipment.

  • Custom IR windows. IRISS makes all types of custom IR windows to fit a wide range of applications. Sometimes windows need to be cut or designed a particular way to fit the environment.

IRISS Infrared Windows: CAP and VP Series

IRISS IR windows introduce a number of infrared windows that are designed for all types of applications.

  • CAP Series. The CAP Series features either a lightweight aluminium construction or stainless steel construction. This series has rectangular, large viewing areas, and most models can be used for outdoor and MV installations.

  • VP Series. The VP Series takes on a circular viewing area. Some models in this series are designed for low and medium voltage applications, while others are intended for heavy-duty applications.

Certified Installers with Level I and II

Lindsay Engineering offers certified installers for IR windows. Our installers have received training in installation, calculating transmissivity and using ultrasound ports accordingly. It’s important to work with trained and qualified installers, as a full understanding of safety around electrical components is necessary. Our installers receive more than basic training, as they have levels 1 and 2 experience.

For more information about having IRISS IR windows installed, call Lindsay Engineering.


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