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Lindsay Infrared Inspection services
in los angeles

Infrared is a proven technology that locates defects quickly and efficiently without being invasive. It’s used for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications and can be part of a solid preventative maintenance (PdM) plan.

Lindsay Engineering offers exceptional infrared inspection services in Los Angeles that can uncover problem areas, eliminate downtime and reduce safety hazards in your industrial setting. We strongly encourage you to include it in your PdM strategy, which can be discussed during your consultation.

What Types of Issues Does Infrared Inspection Uncover?

Infrared is a versatile practice that can be safely and effectively used to determine the following types of issues:

  • Loose and defective components in electrical systems
  • Overloads in electrical equipment
  • Abnormal heating and potential failures
  • Moisture intrusion within your building
  • Overall efficiency and condition of your building

Economic, Non-Invasive Infrared Inspection Services Los Angeles

If your business relies on electrical systems, it’s almost impossible to determine which components are responsible for what. There are literally hundreds of parts to consider: transformers, switchgear, local power distribution panels, main distribution panels, motors and more.

Our trained and experienced technicians have the skill and expertise to provide Los Angeles infrared inspection services for all of these electrical components. We also know how to make sense of the impending electrical problems that you may experience.

Since infrared technology is non-invasive, it can be used for all types of applications. It’s also economical because of the returns on investment. Imagine being told which equipment is ready to fail and having the opportunity to fix it before it shuts down production!

Lindsay Engineering recommends adding infrared inspection services Los Angeles to your PdM plan to reduce downtime and properly budget for repairs and maintenance. Call us today to learn more infrared inspection services in Los Angeles, CA!


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