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Lindsay industrial laser alignment
in los angeles

Industrial laser alignment Los Angeles is used to produce the most accurate and precise alignment in industrial settings such as manufacturing, electronics, medical and plastics. The purpose for this accuracy is to eliminate the possibility of misalignment that can lead to equipment breakdowns and downtime. Misalignment is one of the main causes of bearings failure on industrial equipment.

Types of Industrial Alignment Applications

Lindsay Engineering specializes in industrial laser alignment for industrial equipment and plant machinery. Using our highly accurate laser alignment technology, we’re able to achieve the precise measurements that our clients depend on for their projects.

Below are some of the different types of measurements that can be achieved using our Los Angeles laser alignment technology.

  • Straightness and linear measurements
  • Squareness and perpendicular measurements
  • Parallel measurements
  • Flat measurements
  • Runout measurements
  • Machinery leveling
  • Bore alignments
  • Spindle alignments

What Industrial Laser Alignment Los Angeles Help You Achieve

Industrial managers don’t always realize the effects that misalignment can cause in an industrial setting. The smallest misalignments can lead to unnecessary stress and pressure on equipment, resulting in costly and inconvenient breakdowns. Thanks to highly specialized laser alignment technology, you can avoid these problems from occurring.

The benefits of Los Angeles industrial laser alignment are:

  • Improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase profitability and production
  • Lower expenses from spare parts
  • Limit the need for emergency repair services

Lindsay Engineering is committed to quality alignment and exceptional customer service. Call us today and discover how we can ensure uptime and profitability using industrial laser alignment in Los Angeles, CA.


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